Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Pot of Gold

Finally, some rain. I think we've accumulated about three inches in the last two weeks. This is more than we've had over the last six months. The burn ban was lifted and we're finally able to burn the construction trash pile from the new house. Last weekend we burned for two days and got about half way through the trash pile. I hope we can get some more burned this weekend, but it looks like windy days ahead of us.
Last night after a nice shower, we were presented with a beautiful rainbow to the east of the house. Rachel told me she saw the pot of gold. I told her we're going to need it to pay for this house!

The kids also brought home their report cards yesterday. The good thing is that they are all passing. Rachel brought up her "B" from last time and now has all "A"s. Dustin's scores are much more diverse and Courtney raked in all "S+"s. Dustin and Rachel also got their TAKS scores back for the reading exam. Rachel made 100% and got a commended performance score. She was the only one in her class that got all of the answers correct. She also recently doubled her AR goal which is a reading program the kids do to help them with reading comprehension. Dustin met the standard which is an improvement for him as well. We are proud of all of them for trying their best.