Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ice Cream

Rachel came home from school today and told me she made ice cream in science lab. She was very excited about this and wanted to make some for her family. I was somewhat skeptical to let her do this so I asked her how it is made. She went into very clear detail from start to finish so I thought, why not? Dustin got the ice from the freezer and poured it into the jug. Rachel mixed the milk, salt and chocolate in the coffee can and put it into the jug. Then Dustin went to shaking the can. As he got tired shaking he would pass it to Rachel to shake for a while. Courtney even had a few shakes here and there. They must have gotten tired of shaking because next thing you know they were eating their chocolate ice cream. It was very soupy, but they enjoyed the taste and had a lot of fun making it.

What is that noise?

I kept hearing this noise coming from outside the living room window and every time I looked I could not see anything. Someone was hammering or building something. I was sure of it. Turns out after using the zoom lens I discovered the culprit up high in the pecan tree. It is so funny that I found this little guy and took his picture and today I am reading about this same thing on Karen's blog so I thought I'd post my picture (if not for anyone else but Karen!). It is definitely a woodpecker. No wonder my limbs are falling out of the trees and I thought it was from lack of rain!