Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Birthday William and Wyatt

We drove to Cut & Shoot, just East of Conroe, today for William and Wyatt's birthday party. They had the party in the pavilion and party room at the city park that William and Wyatt helped to build their playground. Wyatt turned 9 in October and William turns 10 next week. The boys are getting so big!

We had fun at the party. The kids played hockey under the pavilion and big William cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. Misty had everything decorated hockey style and gave they boys tickets to the Houston Aeros hockey game tomorrow. Dustin played "Happy Birthday" on his clarinet as we all sang in celebration.

The after-party included go-kart riding for all the kids which is always lots of fun. They all got a little muddy and wet, but we took towels to wipe them off before the long ride back home.

Big William's workshop is right next door to the park, so we went to the shop to find a nice surprise that William and the boys have been working on. They built me a 9' x 4' dining room table out of Wamara and Pecan wood. It is beautiful. They will be finishing it up and bringing it to me on Thanksgiving Day so we can break it in with style. William does not make chairs so I will need to find some chairs to go around it.


Sara said...

That table is beautiful! I hope you found chairs worthy of it! :)

Too bad your first "retired" day is cold and least it is here.

Teresa Andel said...

I probably won't have chairs for a while... and I'm thinking the cold dreary day is a good thing... I'm vegging out today wrapped up in a cozy throw watching drama on TNT!