Sunday, January 10, 2010

Freezing New Year 2010

This has been the coldest winter ever! We've had 3 days of below freezing temperatures for the high and only into the teens at night. Lots of friends have had frozen water lines and broken pipes despite the preventive measures taken to avoid them. We had our share too. One of the pipes in the old farm house froze and then broke this morning. We were fortunate to just be able to cut off the water since we don't use the water over there any more for the most part. We've kept it running because we are still needing to move everything out and do some clean-up but it's been too darn cold to go over there.

Keith and the kids have been having fun taking the dogs to the tank so they could "walk on water". The tanks have been completely frozen over and finally started thawing a bit this afternoon when the temperature got up into the 40's. I think our freezing nights are over and am looking forward to getting some golf weather soon.

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