Friday, July 23, 2010

League Ball Season 2010

I'm sad to announce that the season for league ball is over for the year. I'm also excited to move on to other things. Dustin, Rachel and Courtney played league ball this year and all three teams won either first or second place in the league which granted them a spot in the district tournament. Dustin and Rachel's teams did not place but Courtney's team won the district tournament. This advanced her team to the state tournament. After three rounds at state with 22 teams playing, her team lost out too. I am very proud of all the kids working so hard this year to learn better skills and give it their best.

Rachel and Courtney are also members of select tournament teams and have been practicing and playing all year. The new season coming up is going to put both girls back on the same team in West. Their team is called S.W.A.T. and will be moving up to 10U. Rachel is a true 10U, but Courtney could play another year of 8U. This will be a big jump for her. Both girls will be in the pitching rotation and they are very excited about that.

Courtney pulled Grandpa out of retirement to show him her stuff on the mound. He was impressed indeed but doesn't think he's up for playing the role of catcher. It was a great moment watching him get out on the field again. He used to coach girls softball. I think he even shed a tear.

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